Other Services

  • Computers: One express computer, six public access computers, and free wifi.


  • WiFi hot spots: Five hot spot devices are available to residents of the City of Adel and Rural Dallas County for checkout at the front desk.


  • Proctoring: Is available by appointment for students and educators.


  • Notarizing: We have three Notaries on staff, please call ahead to ensure one of them is available.


  • Scanning and emailing: Are free to the public.


  • Copying and printing: $0.10 for each black and white sheet, $0.75 for each color sheet.


  • Faxing: Our fax number is 515-993-3191To send is $1.00 for the first sheet and $0.50 for each additional sheet. Receiving faxes is free.


  •  Laminating: $2.00 for the first foot, $0.10 for each additional inch. Items can be dropped off for lamination and are typically completed within 24 hours.​​​​​​​